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Cooling System

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Car Cooling System Parts
The operating temperature of a car’s engine can routinely reach nearly 3,000℉ in a combustion chamber. The engine temperature would quickly run away and overheat in the absence of a cooling system or in the event the system fails. High temperatures resulting from cooling system failure can cause significant damage to the engine block. Maintaining the cooling system with preemptive repairs not only guarantees it will continue cooling the engine but can prevent more expensive, laborious repairs down the line. Many vehicles are made with plastic radiator hose fittings and coolant tees that crack, break, or leak under stress. Replacing these car cooling system parts, where applicable, can help prevent catastrophic failure of the coolant system and keep your cooling systems working to help dissipate heat from the engine, preventing much more expensive damage.

  • MKIV TDI Cast Coolant Flange
    MKIV TDI Cast Coolant Flange is proud to release this cast aluminum coolant head flange for the MKIV Golf, Jetta, and New Beetle TDI motors. These cast aluminum flanges are a direct replacement for OEM P/N 038-121-133A (038121133A)...
  • MK4 VW and MK1 Audi TT 1.8T Billet Coolant Flange.
    1.8T MKIV Billet Coolant Head Flange
    Introducing the 6061-T651 billet aluminum 1.8T coolant flange P/N 06A-121-132AP (06A121132AP).  This part is also interchangeable with 06A-121-133BB, 06A-121-133J, 06A-121-132D, 06A-121-132G,...
  • AAA Cast Aluminum 12V VR6 Thermo Housing Assemblies
    AAA Cast Aluminum 12V VR6 Thermo Housing Assemblies
    ---- Please Note : The cast aluminum thermostat housings go in and out of stock very often.  If you need this part immediately, please contact us to determine stock levels before ordering. is now...
  • GruvenParts Billet Aluminum 6061-T651 Oil Tube for Audi / VW 4.2L V8
    4.2L Audi/VW Billet Oil Cooler Tube
    ** NOW IN STOCK !! ** is happy to announce this LIFETIME WARRANTED latest billet release for the Audi/VW 4.2L V8 engines with oil cooler pipe P/N 077-117-411A (077117411A).  Our version is machined...
  • Billet MK4 VR6 12V Upper Radiator Hose 4Y Pipe
    Billet MK4 VR6 12V Upper Radiator Hose 4Y Pipe
    $109.99 Billet MKIV Upper Radiator Hose 4Y and Billet Auxiliary Radiator Delete Kit is proud to release the BILLET MKIV VR6 12V and 24V Upper Radiator Hose 4Y Pipe to replace the junk...
  • VW / Audi BPY Billet Radiator Hose 4Y
    VW / Audi BPY Billet Radiator Hose 4Y
    $89.99 is happy to release this Billet Upper Radiator Hose 4Y Coolant Fitting for VW Golf/Jetta/Passat/EOS and Audi TT/A3 with BPY Engine -- P/N 1K0-121-087H (1K0121087H). The OEM plastic 4Y connector...
  • VW / Audi 1.8T Golf/Jetta/TT Coolant Y Pipe
    VW / Audi 1.8T Golf/Jetta/TT Coolant Y Pipe
    THESE ARE NOW IN STOCK @ BLOWOUT PRICING !!   Please Note : These are not cheap, made in China castings that will break faster than the OEM plastic part.  These are 100% PRESSURE TESTED TO 100 PSI, MADE IN...
  • Billet VW/Audi 1.8T / 1.9TDI / 2.0 Upper Radiator Hose 4Y
    Billet VW/Audi 1.8T / 1.9TDI / 2.0 Upper Radiator Hose 4Y
    $149.99 is proud to announce the long awaited release of our new BILLET VW/Audi 1.8T / 1.9TDI / 2.0 Upper Radiator Hose 4Y Pipe to replace the OEM Audi/VW plastic 4Y P/N 1J0-121-087C (1J0121087C) This part...
  • The RadNeck - Corrado
    The RadNeck - Corrado
    EXCLUSIVE GRUVENPARTS LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!  This is the ORIGINAL billet Corrado radiator neck which has withstood years of relentless track abuse. We have sold thousands of these with NO issues whatsoever...
  • Y Pipe for VR6 Rad Hose
    Y Pipe for VR6 Rad Hose
    Billet Upper Radiator Hose Y Pipes PLEASE NOTE : This part is professionally TIG welded! No junk tapped threads into thin wall aluminum, like the lesser versions offered by unscrupulous rip off artists. And its warranted...
  • Auxiliary Water Pump Bracket
    Auxiliary Water Pump Bracket
    This part replaces the useless rubber donut OEM P/N 035-959-209E (035959209E) that does a poor job supporting your PRICEY auxiliary water pump, and related PRICEY hoses. The OEM rubber donut allows the weight of the pump and...
  • Billet 12V VR6 Pipe / Machined Finish
    The Ultimate Crackpipe - All VR6
    12V, 24V, and Touareg/Cayenne VR6 Billet MODULAR Coolant Pipes aka Crack Pipes If you dont want to ever do this job again, buy the LIFETIME WARRANTED billet Crack Pipe !
  • GruvenParts Billet Heater Core Outlet Kit
    Billet Heater Core Outlets
    ** NOW IN STOCK ! ALL BACK ORDERS HAVE NOW SHIPPED !! ** is happy to release these billet heater core couplers for Ford and GM vehicles. As many have already found out the hard way, the cheap plastic Ford,...
  • GruvenParts Barbed Aluminum Coolant Tee (comes with 2 included hoses and 4 clamps)
    Billet GM Heater Core Coolant Tees
    ** NOW IN STOCK AND SHIPPING !! is happy to announce these BARBED billet heater core tees for GM full size SUV's.  Yes, they are finally now in stock !!  STOP USING CHEAP PLASTIC TEES !!!...

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