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Corrado (1990-1995)

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  • PCV Tube
    PCV Tube
    ** See Note At Bottom Regarding MK3 VR6 Version of This Hose ** is proud to release these IMPROVED PCV oil breather tubes for Corrado VR6 and B4 Passat 2L 16v engines.  As many have discovered, this...
  • AAA Cast Aluminum 12V VR6 Thermo Housing Assemblies
    AAA Cast Aluminum 12V VR6 Thermo Housing Assemblies
    ---- Please Note : The cast aluminum thermostat housings go in and out of stock very often.  If you need this part immediately, please contact us to determine stock levels before ordering. is now...
  • 11 Foot Aerospace Grade Brake Ducting
    11 Foot Aerospace Grade Brake Ducting
    This is the same great stuff used on jet engines to route bypass air. With a service temp of -80F to +600F its more than you will ever need. Use this with any of our 3” brake duct brackets. You can also add two...
  • Billet VR6 Fuel Line Support Brackets
    Billet VR6 Fuel Line Support Brackets
    VW VR6 Billet Fuel Line Support Brackets Billet fuel line support brackets (set of 2) to replace the weak plastic clips that are probably long gone on your MK2 and MK3 VW VR6. Ours are CNC'd from billet aluminum to...
  • 12V VR6 Power Pulleys
    12V VR6 Power Pulleys
    $79.95 offers a complete matched set of ultra sleek lightweight 12V VR6 power pulleys. Our kit includes the lightweight billet crank, power steering, water pump, tensioner, and alternator pulleys for your 12V...
  • G60 and Digi One 8V Power Pulleys
    G60 and Digi One 8V Power Pulleys is proud to release billet G60 and Digi One 8V Tensioner, Alternator and Crank Pulleys !! has designed CNC billet aluminum pulleys for the G60 8V and Digi One 8V Engines. Each pulley is...
  • VW Logo Strut Cap - Polished Lightly by Hand
    MK2/MK3 Billet Strut Caps
    $69.99 MK2/MK3 VW Billet Strut Caps - NOW IN STOCK !!! Dress up your engine bay and take the shows by storm with our Billet Strut Caps made from 6061-T651 aircraft aluminum for VW MK2 and MK3...
  • Side/Side Repair on Left
Side/Side Reduction Bracket Middle
Fwd/Aft Repair Block on Right
    02A Billet Stainless VW Shift Cable Repair Parts
    $79.99 is proud to release the billet stainless side/side cable reduction bracket as well as solid stainless fwd/aft cable shift repair blocks for the 02A cable shift VW vehicles.  The side/side stainless...
  • Audi / VW 6 and 8 Cylinder Billet Oil Filter Housing
    Audi / VW 6 and 8 Cylinder Billet Oil Filter Housing
    Precision Machined Aluminum Oil Filter Housings For VW And Audi VR6/V6/V8 Engines ! Before we start with the ooh’s and aaah’s, make sure you READ THE SPECIAL NOTE at the end! It describes what oil filter MUST be...
  • The RadNeck - Corrado
    The RadNeck - Corrado
    EXCLUSIVE GRUVENPARTS LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!  This is the ORIGINAL billet Corrado radiator neck which has withstood years of relentless track abuse. We have sold thousands of these with NO issues whatsoever...
  • Y Pipe for VR6 Rad Hose
    Y Pipe for VR6 Rad Hose
    Billet Upper Radiator Hose Y Pipes PLEASE NOTE : This part is professionally TIG welded! No junk tapped threads into thin wall aluminum, like the lesser versions offered by unscrupulous rip off artists. And its warranted...
  • Auxiliary Water Pump Bracket
    Auxiliary Water Pump Bracket
    This part replaces the useless rubber donut OEM P/N 035-959-209E (035959209E) that does a poor job supporting your PRICEY auxiliary water pump, and related PRICEY hoses. The OEM rubber donut allows the weight of the pump and...
  • Billet 12V VR6 Pipe / Machined Finish
    The Ultimate Crackpipe - All VR6
    12V, 24V, and Touareg/Cayenne VR6 Billet MODULAR Coolant Pipes aka Crack Pipes If you dont want to ever do this job again, buy the LIFETIME WARRANTED billet Crack Pipe !
  • Billet Corrado Hood Cable Clip
    Billet Corrado Hood Cable Clip
    The Corrado hood release cable clip (mounted to the hood pull bracket near the drivers left knee) is notorious for breaking at the worst possible time -- when you need to open the hood. Rather than using a cheap stamped...
  • Corrado Dash Vent Fix
    Corrado Dash Vent Fix
    These are BACK in stock, for a limited time only.  This could be last run of these vent fix kits so get 1 now if you need 1.  The kit fixes all 4 vents, enough for complete vehicle! is happy to...

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