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Cooling System

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  • AAA Cast Aluminum 12V VR6 Thermo Housing Assemblies
    AAA Cast Aluminum 12V VR6 Thermo Housing Assemblies is now distributing these cast aluminum thermostat housing assemblies for all 12V VR6 engines found in Corrado, Eurovan, Golf/Jetta MK3 and Passat B3/B4 vehicles.  This part replaces thermostat housing...
  • Auxiliary Water Pump Bracket
    Auxiliary Water Pump Bracket
    This part replaces the useless rubber donut OEM P/N 035-959-209E (035959209E) that does a poor job supporting your PRICEY auxiliary water pump, and related PRICEY hoses. The OEM rubber donut allows the weight of the pump and...
  • Billet 12V VR6 Pipe / Machined Finish
    The Ultimate Crackpipe - All VR6
    12V, 24V, and Touareg/Cayenne VR6 Billet MODULAR Coolant Pipes aka Crack Pipes If you dont want to ever do this job again, buy the LIFETIME WARRANTED billet Crack Pipe !
  • Y Pipe for VR6 Rad Hose
    Y Pipe for VR6 Rad Hose
    Billet Upper Radiator Hose Y Pipes PLEASE NOTE : This part is professionally TIG welded! No junk tapped threads into thin wall aluminum, like the lesser versions offered by unscrupulous rip off artists. And its warranted for...

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