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At, the customer comes 1st. We've dealt with enough vendors to know we can stand out ahead of the competition by not only providing great products at competitive prices, but also by treating our customers with dignity and respect. After all, without the customer, we don't have a business!

The following is a true story from our owner which has helped shape the business philosophy :

"When I was 16, I worked at restaurants every Friday and Saturday night washing dishes to save up for my 1st VW. After a number of months toiling away in the dish room for a militant manager at Sir Walter Raleigh's, I had finally accumulated enough money to buy my dream car : a 1983 GTI, silver, with a blue interior and a sunroof. I found one in the paper and met the owner who assured me the car was in great condition. I drove the car and was immediately taken by the 944-esque Leistritz exhaust, bumped timing, and lowered suspension. I thought the owner was trustworthy. As such, I trusted him enough to pay him every penny I had earned washing dishes for the militant restaurant owner over the previous 6 months. 3 days after buying the car, the entire frame cracked in half while driving. It turned out the previous owner who had gained my trust, had also gained a cheap MIG welder and spot welded the cars frame back together a few days beforehand. The repair bill to correct the damage totaled more than the car was even worth. So there I was, I had just spent every penny I had earned at that Godforsaken child labor restaurant washing dishes for Gunnery Sergeant Hartman to buy a much needed car that turned out to be worthless. Worse than all that, I was deceived by someone I trusted to sell me a decent product. To this day, I haven't forgotten that feeling, and vowed that if I ever started a business I would treat people with honesty, dignity, and respect."

An early testing facility

To our knowledge, we do not have 1 single dissatisfied customer (we've been selling parts since 2004). We're not about to ruin our perfect record now, either. That's because our priorities are to produce the highest quality custom made parts while establishing lasting relationships with our customers.

Here are some excerpts from customer emails and posts on VWVortex which highlight our dedication to our customers :

"I went through two OEM crack pipes in 3 years on my VR6T Corrado before I found out about you guys. Since installing your Aluminum one I haven't had any problems. Thanks!"

"Thank you very much! my part arrived today with no problems!! I'm very happy with your service and the quality of parts!! Thanks again and i will be doing more business with you very soon! GruvenParts ROCK!!!"

"Just installed your bushings in my intake and it's working great!....the clunking noise is gone away!...tanks for making these exclusive parts that works better than the OEM 105$ weak bushings."

"I've just received the package from my friend who had secured the package for me while I was out of town. I'm much satisfied with the nice finishes & qualities of the parts, and I appreciate how you took care in packing them well. I'll be checking out your website regularly in the future. I hope you continue on producing more niche parts."

"All I can say is WOW. Your shifter rod bushings sure do the trick! I am very impressed with your product and will spread the word. Thanks again for taking the time to do it right!"

"Just to let you know, I received the part today, Very nice piece! Just wanted to tell you that i received the package today. Everything seems to be OK, all items are in there and happen to be of high-quality as i thought. Actual package arrived exactly a week ago at Bosnian Customs but due to their slow and ineffective work i got it in my hands just today. The carbon fiber keychain is incredible. I cant believe how light and strong is it! It seems unbreakable if i try to bend it with my hands. I don't want to try to do it, but is it breakable by using only human hand force? Thank you again. Looking forward to buying again from you! (hint: thermostat housing)"

"Nice package came to my door this morning :) I would like to thank you once again for your help and patience throughout this. The parts look great and the others and myself are dying to get them on the cars then go hit the track. I have to put the others members to think of some parts that you could manufacture. If i get any good ideas i will be sure to pass them on. cheers,"

"The crack pipe I order arrived the other day, excellent part. Both myself and the garage fitting it were very impressed with the part and the workmanship."

"Great workmanship on the pieces. Appreciate all the help!"

"Thank you very much for the pipe. You're very right in saying that it was worth it. I hope you guys come out with some cool new parts because I'll definitely pick them up!"

"Thanks a whole lot, I'm glad i got to find someone who is a big help to a new vr6 owner..make that two vr6 owners"

"Thanks, Paul. Got the bushings mounted up last evening and the old 12V sounds like it is new! Thanks for filling a real need in the MK4 community!!"

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