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  • GruvenParts Replacement High Torque Motors and Strengthened Brass Spur Gears Pre-Mounted to New Steel Main Shafts for GM Vehicles with Power Folding Mirrors.  2 Sets Shown (enough for both mirrors)
  • GruvenParts Complete Motor Drive Units.  Comes with Strengthened Brass Spur Gear and Hi-Torque Motor Preinstalled !
  • Strengthened Brass Spur Gear for GM Trucks Power Folding Mirrors
  • Strengthened Brass Spur gear for GM Trucks Power Folding Mirrors.  OEM Left 2 Pictures, Gruven Gear shown 3rd from Left, and Installed per DIY on far right.
  • GruvenParts Replacement High Torque Motors for GM Vehicles with Power Folding Mirrors. Now comes with preinstalled motor gear and correct 19mm shaft ! Strengthened Spur Gear for 2007+ GM Trucks Folding Mirror Assembly

0.50 LBS

Product Description

*** You Cannot Just Install a Metal Gear Without Also Changing The Motor To The GruvenParts INTERNALLY GROUNDED MOTOR !  You Will Short Out the Body Control Module.  All Of Our Kits Come With New Motors Which Are Internally Grounded and Work With Metal Gears - So Don't Just Replace the Gear, You Must Replace Both Gear AND Motor When Going to Metal !!! ***



 ** Click HERE for the NEW GruvenParts Installation Video **

** Click HERE for the Mirror Gear DIY Article for Full Size GM Trucks **  or (Download PDF)

** Click HERE for the Traverse/Acadia/Outlook Supplemental Instructions **


** 3 Options Are Now Available ***

Option 1: 

Buy strengthened brass gears + hi-torque motors in quantity of 1 set for 1 mirror or 2  sets for both mirrors ($49.99 / $89.99). Requires 24 hour epoxy of brass gear onto main shaft in your unit.  You will re-use your existing main shaft and epoxy on a new brass gear section.


Option 2:

Buy strengthened brass gears pre-mounted to a new machined steel main spiral shaft + hi-torque motor in quantity 1 set for 1 mirror or 2 sets for 2 mirrors ($64.99 / $99.99).  Does not require any epoxy cure time to install, its plug and play.


Option 3:

Buy a rebuilt complete motor drive unit with new hi-torque motor and brass gear pre-installed and tested ($229.99 minus $30 core return = $199.99).  Please note when buying the complete drive unit, you must choose passenger side or drivers side, and there is a $30 core refund so be sure to send back your old assembly in repairable condition.  Core returns are only applicable to complete drive units and when you are ready to return your core, please email for instructions.  Your CORE must be rebuildable.  We cannot accept units which have parts other than the motor/spur gear broken as cores as we would have no way to rebuild them.


Other Parts Available :

We also carry a limited number of used parts to service these mirrors in case you loose or break something.  We have some of everything, so just email if you need something.  We do now have some used mirror glass drive units for both sides - these are the little motorized units that actually adjust the angle of the mirror glass.


** Product Description ** is pleased to announce replacement strengthened BRASS spur gears and high torque INTERNALLY GROUNDED motors (OEM MOTOR WONT WORK WITH METAL) for the power folding mirrors on 2007-2014 GM trucks including Acadia, Traverse, Enclave, Escalade, Silverado, Avalanche, Tahoe, Suburban, Sierra, Yukon, and Denali.  Also fits ALL 2007-Present GMC pick-up trucks. As many have discovered, the folding mirror assembly on these trucks suffers from a thin, weak, plastic spur gear mounted to the main drive shaft.  The plastic spur gear cracks at the slightest impact or just wears out over time causing an inoperable folding mirror.  The GM motors also get weak and die quickly. Unfortunately, GM will only sell you a complete folding mirror assembly, which will cost you from $700-$1,200 ea after labor and paint, depending on the year/make/model.  And that $ would be wasted on another mirror assembly with another weak, plastic spur gear and weak electric motor that will also soon fail.  Don't waste time or hard earned money on more GM parts that will also soon fail! has addressed this issue by designing a strengthened spur gear made from solid gear BRASS with a thicker cross section to eliminate the stress concentrations which cause fatigue cracking in the GM plastic gear. We have also designed a replacement high torque electric motor to accompany this new metal gear. Our new electric motor is required when switching out to the metal gear, as the ground circuit in the OEM motor does not allow for a metal gear to be installed. You can buy the gear/motor combo for one of both sides, and with the spur gear pre-attached to a new main shaft, or loose. Loose gear orders require installation of the spur gear onto the main shaft using 24 hour epoxy - please refer to the DIY article link above.  We have thoroughly tested our redesigned spur gear and high torque motor using a new, OEM mirror assembly and computerized test equipment.  Our test samples barely showed any wear whatsoever, and the testing did include random wacks against the mirror, jamming the mirror operation as it was folding, and manually stressing the mechanism all in an attempt the break the gear.  Each sample was tested more than 5,000 open/close cycles and was still going strong at that point !  

This product carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY!  Provided you don't burn the vehicle, or otherwise smash the mirror into something, you can send back the motor drive unit to us and we'll replace the gear assembly and get it working again free of charge.  You would only be responsible for shipping under this warranty.


** Application ** 

Gears and Motors Fit Both Passenger and Drivers Side Power Folding Mirrors.  

All 2007-2014 GM SUV's With Power Folding Non-Tow Mirrors Including Acadia, Traverse, Enclave, Escalade, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, and Denali. 

All 2007-Present GM Pick Up Trucks Including all Silverado and Sierra with Non-Towing Power Fold Mirrors

This includes (but not limited to) the following mirror assembly part numbers :

25-83-12-36 (25831236), 25-77-98-49 (25779849)

This list of part numbers will continually grow as we build the interchange list.  This is in no way complete, as most GM trucks made from 2007-2014 with power folding mirrors will use this gear.  If your power folding mirror looks like the mirror shown in the DIY, this gear will fit your vehicle.


... We also have many more products for GM, including the towing mirror gears, 2015-Present SUV non-towing mirror gears, door lock motors, door handle inserts !  Check out the GM section of our website!


Product Reviews

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  1. Faster than stock! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jan 2021

    These parts for a 2007 Silverado are great! good instructions on gruven and a good vid at maintenance barn on utube. Did the driver side first and it is twice as fast as the passenger stock side. Works smooth! Got brand new mirrors for 100 bucks. Thanks gruven, great product!

  2. Better parts make better products. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jan 2021

    I just received the parts in the mail and they look high quality. Will install and see how things work. I think its a go at what I see.

  3. Motor and gear are great but..... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Dec 2020

    if I had to do it all over, I would buy the motor and gear installed by Gruven. It takes a while to take apart the motor and gear drive assembly. Still it is a superb fix. Thanks Gruven.

  4. Very high quality parts 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Dec 2020

    The instructions to install are down to earth simple to understand and the parts were of high quality. I can only back up what other reviews have said. My left mirror now works, I know what to do when the right one dies. A great company.

  5. excelent product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Dec 2020

    Fairly easy to install helpful video online works perfectly

  6. WOW easy fix! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Dec 2020

    Ordered two back on Nov. 19. and paid premium shipping costs. Only received one and still waiting for the other. Maybe for Christmas I'll get it! Replaced the passenger side first as it had crapped out.
    What a difference in operation pulling the mirrors in when parking in the garage.
    Driver side is sluggish and the new install (passenger side) is quick and smooth.
    Over all nice upgrade.

    -- response --

    Mark sorry for the mix up only sending 1 kit, we did send the 2nd but as everyone know nows USPS is super slow presently. The 2nd should be there soon. Thanks again for patience.

  7. Totally Satisfied 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Dec 2020

    I am a Canadian and I needed to repair my inoperative folding mirrors on my 09 Silverado.
    I removed the motors quite easily with the help of Gruven Parts excellent instructions. I then sent the motors to Gruven and they were back in my possession a couple of days later, after install all worked great.
    Great to work with this company, would highly recommend the product & service
    Greg Pilgrim

  8. The best fix by far for my mirror 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2020

    When the carwash recently broke my mirror i was shocked at the price for a replacement. It was then i fortunatly found this fix for my mirror. It was inexpensive and easy, thanks to the simple to folllow instructions. Now im back in business and couldnt be happier

  9. Mirror Motor 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Dec 2020

    Fun job to do. Relatively easy if you follow your instructions. Only problem I had was getting the metal case off of the motor housing due to rust. I did not grind down the ears on the bottom gear due to not having a grinder. The mirror works perfectly without taking that step. I ordered the gear and motor for the other side and will not be afraid to do it when it fails. (probable not too far in the future). Sure beats having to buy $500.00 mirror from GM.

  10. Great Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Nov 2020

    Great product and repair video. Repair was made with no issues. However I went thru car wash and didnt get mirrors retracted and now it is broke again :(
    I will be needing to find out how to repair again.

    -- response --

    David - contact me directly -

    No chance metal gear broke, something in there must not be seated properly. Contact me and we will resolve.


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