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  • Factory spiral shaft shown with plastic spur gear section removed.
  • GruvenParts brass helical gear bonded onto factory spiral shaft.

GM Towing Mirror Brass Gear Set

0.50 LBS

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Product Description

These replacement brass gears come in a set of 2 and are enough to repair 1 towing mirror.  

Please chose from the dropdown menu the option you want.  We suggest buying enough gears to fix both sides as there is a significant price discount. is proud to release these new replacement brass gears for the 2015+ GM trucks with the Towing Power Folding Mirrors. As many have come to find out, the drive unit within the power folding towing mirrors contains 2 small plastic spur gears which quickly break, rendering the entire mirror assembly loose and unable to deploy or retract.  GM will of course only sell you an entire new power folding tow mirror assembly, which can cost upwards of $1,300!  To make matters worse, you would then receive another power folding tow mirror with more faulty plastic gears that would also soon fail.

Note when installing the replacement brass gears you will RE-USE the existing steel main shaft after removal of the weak plastic gear section.  You will then BOND the new replacement brass gear onto the existing main shaft utilizing a strong 24 hour cure epoxy such as JB Weld 24 hour cure.  This method has been tested and proven ! 

DONT WASTE BIG MONEY ON MORE OEM MIRROR ASSEMBLIES WHEN ALL YOU REALLY NEED ARE BETTER GEARS !! has solved this durability issue with the GM power folding tow mirrors by building replacement spur gears from solid gear brass.  Our brass gears are helical cut to exactly match the factory gear specifications, with the added benefit that they are impossible to break.  We're so certain of that, these come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, just like all of our folding mirror gears.

Now, you can completely restore the power fold drive unit within your GM towing mirror assembly without the need to buy an expensive entire mirror assembly.  Incorporate these improved brass helical cut gears to fix and also increase the reliability of the unit.  

Save $ and make the towing mirror magnitudes stronger - WIN WIN !


Applicability :

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Some of the mirror assembly part numbers are :


Please note there are many more mirror assembly part numbers, these gears will work in ALL of the 2015+ power fold GM towing mirrors.  We will add to this part number list.


Replacement instructions :

We're working on the DIY video/instructions for this Repair.  If you are handy with the camera and want to make us an instructional video and post it on youtube showing the repair process for this, please email us directly.  We will refund your purchase price entirely for helping us out.  This offer is good for as long as this text is up on the site!  Hit Contact Us if interested in this offer.

- Remove the power folding drive unit from the towing mirror assembly and place on a work bench or suitable surface.

- Remove the screws which hold the drive unit together and carefully open the case to reveal the 2 motors and the 2 spiral shafts with the plastic spur gears integrated into them.

- Cut off the remnants of the plastic spur gear section and discard.

- Using a 24 hour epoxy such as JB Weld Metal to Metal Bond, epoxy the brass gear onto the spiral shaft (see the pictures posted on this product page).

- Allow epoxy to fully cure for 24 hours per manufacturers instructions.  Note : Please do not use the 5 minute epoxy.  You need to use the strongest epoxy available, and the 24 Hour JB weld metal to metal epoxy works extremely well for this.

- Reinstall the spirals with new new brass gears back into the drive units and reinstall in the mirror assembly.




Product Reviews

  1. Exceptional Customer Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2021

    Haven’t had a chance to install the parts yet. The first set I ordered shipped UPS. At some point during transit, the envelope with my items opened and everything fell out. UPS delivered an empty envelope to my house. I immediately emailed Paul at Gruven Parts and he was able to file a claim with UPS and shipped me a new set via USPS immediately. Very helpful, exceptional customer service.

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