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  • ALL BRASS gear for Ford Trucks Power Folding TOW Mirrors
  • Please note the orientation of the worm gear section for driver and passenger sides.  They are opposite !

Towing Mirror Gears - Ford Trucks

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Product Description

Click Here for DIY Instructions !!  

LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL GEARS AND MOTORS ! is PROUD to release these SOLID BRASS gears, hardened steel center shafts, and high torque replacement motors for the Ford truck power folding TOW mirrors !  The helical cut brass gears exactly match the Ford plastic version and are MUCH STRONGER so they will not chip, strip, or break.  The center shafts are machined in house from hardened steel to exactly match the OEM shape.  And, our tried and true reliable high torque replacement motors have the factory correct wiring plug and come with a new motor-gear preinstalled as well - PLUG AND PLAY, READY TO DROP IN !  This is a GREAT WAY to save about $1300 per side, as Ford will not sell the gear or motor separately - instead, they make you buy an entire new power folding/telescoping mirror assembly (with more plastic gears and failure prone motors that will also soon break).  Dont throw away your hard earned money!  


The replacement brass gear comes either pre-attached to a newly machined steel main shaft, or save a few bucks and easily attach a single loose gear to your existing main shaft via 24 hour cure epoxy, such as 24 hour JB weld.  The pre-attached option is faster, if you dont want to wait for the 24 hour epoxy to cure as it will come with the brass gear section pressed onto a new main center shaft, ready to install.  We suggest the pre-attached option as it may run more true (depending on how good you are at using epoxy).

PLEASE NOTE : When ordering the pre-attached option, there is driver side and passenger side option, so please choose accordingly.

The replacement high torque motor comes with its own motor-gear already pressed on and is ready to drop in - it plugs right into the Ford wiring harness.  This is a stronger more reliable motor !

You will need 2 motors and 2 gears to fix 1 Power Folding Mirror.  You will need 2 power extend motors to fix power extend on both sides as well. Chose your options from the drop down menu when ordering and note the package pricing to save $$ !!   

These gears and motors carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY !

Please Note : The brass gears will not replace the power telescoping gears.  If you need assistance with power telescoping gears, please hit "Contact Us" and let us know about it, we can build those too if people want them !  We already do offer the power telescope motors, which are not the same as the power fold motors.

This product fits all F150/250/350/450/550/650 Ford Trucks with the TOWING power folding mirrors from 2008-Present.  The following list of part numbers is in NO WAY complete, we will be adding to this frequently.






Product Reviews

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  1. Best solution available 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Apr 2020

    Dirver's mirror no longer continued to power fold on my 2011 F350. After installing 2 new gear sets and 2 new motors I am back in business. Turns out my lower arm motor was bad. Install is a little challenging but doable. Would be nice if the DIY instructions were modified to remind installer that both upper and lower arm gears must be indexed exactly the same. Upon first attempt to reassemble I discovered that my upper arm was now about 5 degrees off from my lower arm. My mistake. Had to tear down again to adjust the motor gears to match and then reassemble.

  2. Ford F350 Mirrors 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Oct 2019

    Well I just saved $2600 by not buying new mirrors!! Thanks to GruvenParts, and the diy video, the job is done and works great. I would add to the instructions that by extending the mirror, it’s much easier to disassemble the plastic on the arms. I would also add that retracting the arm after the plastic arm covers are reinstalled, makes assembling the mirror a breeze.
    Thanks again,

  3. Folding fixed 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Oct 2019

    Install went pretty smooth following the directions given by Gruven. When I first put the mirror back on it seemed to be in a bind and didn’t want to fold not sure what was going on. I email Gruven and got a response very quick. And after folding and unfolding many times the mirror works better than it did new. Actually opens and closes faster that the other side now. Very happy.

  4. Work Great - 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jul 2019

    I purchased the 4 motors and pre-assembled gears for my 2011 F250 - one mirror had stopped folding, but I bought some insurance for the second mirror if it stops as well. They arrived quickly and were of impressive quality. I installed two motors in one mirror the day I got them - the installation is challenging the first time around (next mirror will be about half the time), but be careful and patient and it will all turn out fine. Installation instructions can be found on the F250 forums - just Google search for F250 folding mirror motor, the one I used was on FTE. After getting it all together and reinstalled on the truck, it took several folding cycles to get them to work smoothly, assume it was the new motors and all the disruption to the parts. Now, they work like new - they sound "normal" and fold at the same speed as the other mirror. Great, cheap solution for a wicked expensive mirror replacement!

    -- Response --

    Thanks Adrean. Please post pics of this if you can or even a video showing before/after the repair. Yes these mirrors are STUPID EXPENSIVE, and buying $1400 mirror from Ford would only result in the same broken plastic gear failure, with zero warranty. GruvenParts has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The gears/motors are really all that go wrong. Glad you found us, hope we can help others before they spend $1400 at Ford dealer ...

  5. replacement gears for Ford superduty mirrors 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Dec 2017

    These are very nicely made out of metal instead of plastic and should make a $1400 plastic mirror last as long as the truck

    -- response --

    Thanks Steve, please email me if you have install pics or can post on the Ford Forums. Nobody knows about this yet but we can help lots of others fix these tow mirrors rather than buy more plastic units from Ford at $1000's

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