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  • VW MKIV R32 and Audi TT MK1 Adjustable Rear Control Arms by
  • Poly End Zirc Fitting Now Relocated for Easier Access !

TT/R32 Adjustable Rear Control Arms

21.00 LBS

Product Description

POY ENDS NOW COME WITH EASIER ACCESS ZIRC FITTINGS !! provides the complete solution for your VW MK4 R32 or Audi MK1 TT.  We offer a full line of adjustable rear control arms and front and rear adjustable stabilizer bar end linkages.  These products not only solve the issues with aligning a lowered vehicle, they also work great to tweak alignment on non-lowered vehicles!  Please read the descriptions below regarding the various product options and note that you can save $ when buying 2 sets of control arms, as well as buying the control arms in conjunction with the front and rear adjustable stabilizer links. 

The GruvenParts adjustable rear control arms allow for complete rear wheel alignment.  You can choose between 1 set to adjust camber only, or 2 sets which allows for camber and toe adjustment.  2 sets is recommended if you want to maximize rear tire life and is mandatory for drops greater than 3/4".

You can decide between the Poly Ends and the Spherical Ends on the inboard (differential) end. 

  • Poly bushing ends feature FORGED 4340 Alloy Steel housings (not cheap threaded studs welded onto DOM shells), screw in grease fittings (NOT press in), zinc plated steel sleeves with outer protective hat area to protect the poly bushing, and race grade, pre-greased proprietary polyurethane bushings. The threads on our forged fittings are also ROLLED as opposed to lower strength cut threads. If you are looking for a poly end for your control arms, this one is the ULTIMATE.


  • GENUINE FK JMX Series zero deflection high radial load PTFE lined spherical joints with protective dust boots preinstalled over specially machined bushings. The fit of the boot over the spherical joint and bushings is nearly water tight. This set up is preferred by racers or those who are looking for the highest level of performance.  The trade off will be noise, as the all metal joint transfers more noise into the cabin of the vehicle.  If you are already running stiff springs and heavy anti-roll bars, you will likely not notice the added noise, vibration, and harshness of this all metal joint.

You decide which set up you want. Either work well for both street and track, but the spherical ends will perform better on track due to zero deflection (but may be a bit louder). IE – if you want a Cadillac ride, go poly end. If you already have a lowered, stiff set up, you wont notice the added rigidity of the spherical ends. 

Additional features which set our control arms apart from the copy cats :

  • Super strong, heat treated 4340 aircraft grade chromoly rod and ¼” thick U-Joints with machined, internally lubricated (molybdenum disulfide) threads. No weak aluminum is used for these parts (aluminum threads just don't hold up to multiple adjustments). 
  • Distinct adjustment flats incorporated into the bars which allow for 2” of length adjustment with an honest to God wrench, while they are installed on the car. There is no knurled adjustment nonsense here, ours are simple (and not made in China) !   You can quickly adjust the rear wheel alignment with the control arms fully installed, unlike some competitor versions.
  • Thick, durable powder coat finish (and zinc on the poly bushing ends) in your choice of high gloss black or Bilstein jazz blue. 
  • Made right here in Atlanta, Georgia by our FAA approved commercial aviation machine shop working on state of the art Haas CNC mills and lathes. You wont find many shops working at our level, and you wont find higher quality anywhere ! We are aware of several cut rate competitors using Chinese hardware - DONT FALL FOR IT - You will be replacing them every few months and will jeopardize your safety as well as all those around you.  This is not the part to skimp on.  In fact, many of our new customers come to us when they are fed up with the cheap cut rate Chinese versions failing on their vehicle.  Save yourself the time and hassle and get a good adjustable control arm in there from the start !

This product is sold in sets of 2 arms. Buy 1 set to adjust camber only while 2 sets will allow for camber and toe adjustment. For drops greater than 3/4 inch, we recommend 2 sets as this will provide you with all the adjustment you need.

This product fits : Audi TT (2000-2006), Audi A3/S3, VW MKIV R32 (2004), Golf 4motion and 4motion Variant, VW Bora 4motion and 4motion Variant and replaces OEM P/N’s 1J0-505-323L (1J0505323L) and 1J0-505-323N (1J0505323N). 

** Please Note : Some vehicles have short (less than 80 mm) outboard bolts. Because our control arms are made from a thicker U-Joint material than stock, it is necessary to install our control arms with 80mm bolts on the outboard ends. If your vehicle needs new outboard bolts (or inboard bolts), please visit the Extra Hardware page below to buy individual parts after placing the control arms in your shopping cart.

**Additional Purchase Options :

You can also buy these great products along with our adjustable rear control arms :

Adjustable Rear Stabilizer Bar Linkages

Adjustable Front Stabilizer Bar Linkages  

Extra Hardware - headlight leveling brackets, longer bolt kits, or any replacement hardware for our rear control arms.


Warranty Information 
These parts are warranted by GruvenParts to be free from any defect for 1 year. The spherical ends will not be replaced if they develop slight (less than 1/32”) wear, as that is normal as the PTFE liner and ball mate together.  If you have any issues or concerns even after the warranty period, please contact us directly. 


Product Reviews

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  1. Good price,very good quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Apr 2015

    Order the control arms Friday night and USPS deliver them Monday morning very fast shipping.
    The quality seems very good i cant wait to install them this week !

  2. perfect item 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Mar 2015

    I purchased these control arms with scepticism as I am in Australia, but am completely blown away by the build quality and professionalism from the company and product standards.

    They fitted perfectly and gave all the adjustment required to bring in the suspension to near perfect alignment.

    Thanks again to the team at gruven parts, an amazing product!

  3. Good product, good service. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Aug 2014

    I received my control-arms and front endlinks today. I'm really satisfied with the quality of those parts. Plus they look nice! I can't wait to install them.
    Shipping was fast.

    Thanks Paul!

  4. So far so good. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jul 2014

    Got the arms installed last week. They enabled dialing in of alignment that factory parts were no longer capable of. Took the car out for 1000 miles of driving over the weekend, then back in and checked alignment. Off by some, but still within rated spec. Shop dialed 'em back to perfect. Will let them go now for another few thousand and check them again. Expected some movement after the first 1000, but they should be stable now. Will follow up later (if possible).

  5. Product as expected from website. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jun 2014

    Product seems to be of good quality, well protected during shipping, very satisfied with the result on the car.
    A little bit slow shipping, both slow at USPS and it took a bit of time until it was delivered to USPS, wasnt a problem as i was not in a hurry.

    >>Response from Gruven<<

    Thanks Erik, we are glad you have them installed and sorry for the shipping time. Normally USPS gets these within USA within 2 days, much faster than UPS. Anyhow, please post some pictures in the forums installed, its always fun to see these great parts going into our high end customer cars!

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