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  • GM Truck Exterior Door Handle Inserts - Billet Stainless Machined !
  • GM Truck Exterior Door Handle Inserts - Billet Stainless Machined = BETTER !
  • GM Truck Exterior Door Handle Inserts - Installed
  • Solves This Common Problem !

Stainless Machined GM Door Handle Inserts

0.50 LBS

Product Description


** Click Here for installation video ** is proud to release these patent pending BILLET stainless machined inserts for GM truck door handles.  Check out the install instructions at the bottom of this page.

We all know the serious problem these otherwise great trucks suffer regarding the exterior door handles pulling away from the body of the truck, rendering the handle useless and making it easy for thieves to pry their way in.  The short, weak threaded insert GM uses in the door handle pull right out causing the entire handle to move away from the truck body.  While GM refuses to correct this design flaw, GruvenParts has stepped up with another great product for these trucks!

Our billet machined stainless steel inserts are much longer than the OEM short knurled inserts, and thus utilize the maximum hole depth to distribute the pull stresses evenly.  The outer surface of our billet threaded insert is machined with a patent pending special thread pattern which allows our insert to be threaded fully into the handle body using a standard 11mm socket.  There is no need to buy expensive replacement door handles which then require additional painting.  Save your existing door handles, save money, and be done with this problem once and for all with a set of these billet stainless door handle inserts !

These inserts will replace the shallow, weak inserts which GM is using on the exterior door handles of 2007-2014 trucks, including Acadia, Traverse, Enclave, Escalade, Silverado, Avalanche, Tahoe, Suburban, Sierra, Yukon, and Denali.  This includes but is not limited the following exterior front and rear door handles

15930535 20828237 20828243 22738721 15930536 20954794 20954796 20954801 22738722 20954849 22738725 20954815 20954825 15930553 25960521 20954826 25960522 15930554 20954816

Please note this is only a small list of GM truck exterior door handles.  There are many more part numbers which these inserts fit into.


*** Installation Instructions ***

1. Remove exterior door handle from vehicle.

2. If threaded inserts are missing, proceed to step 3.  If threaded inserts are still attached, use a 50-75mm (2-3 inch long) M6 x 1.0 bolt to thread fully into the insert.  It may take a bit of torquing once the bolt bottoms out on the handle, but soon the OEM threaded insert will become free from the handle body.  Be careful not to apply too much force to the handle.  If the inserts do not easily come out, you can also heat the bolt using a lighter, being careful not to burn any of the plastic handle.  This will soften the plastic around the old insert and allow it to come out using a pair of pliers.  Discard the OEM short threaded inserts.

3. Apply Permatex Plastic Welder P/N 84115 (readily available at Hardware stores) or equivalent to the outside of the GruvenParts billet stainless insert.  A nice light coating is all that is needed.  Be careful not to get any epoxy on the inside threads, as those will be used to reattach the handle to the car door.

4. Using an 11mm socket, slowly thread the GruvenParts billet stainless insert into the handle body at its appropriate location.  Ensure the insert is fully engaged, with the hex head snug against the handle body.  Allow epoxy to cure fully. Be careful not to get any epoxy on the inside threads, as those will be used to reattach the handle to the car door.

5. Reinstall exterior door handle.  Test handle before reinstalling interior trim panel.


Product Reviews

  1. nicely made parts 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jul 2022

    just received parts a couple of days ago will install within the next couple of days

  2. Outstanding customer service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Aug 2020

    Parts are well machined and work as described. However, the customer service is what shined. Small mix up at order, emailed my problem thinking it would be days before I would be contacted but to my surprise it was less than 5 minutes. Problem was resolved in 15 minutes. Thank you!

  3. Good solid product with great installation instructions 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jun 2018

    These inserts are definitely an improvement over the stock ones. I agree with a previous review that it's important to pull the door handle out of the door and inspect the plastic sleeves that were holding the stock inserts to make sure they aren't too damaged. Mine weren't too bad and the instructions to replace with the new inserts were spot on. I even took the advice of heating up the remaining insert to get it out and that worked great! If it had turned out that I needed a new handle, I definitely would have taken the time to remove the stock inserts from the new handle and replace them with the Gruven inserts.

    My only complaint is the shipping rate. The inserts weigh less than 8 ounces for the pair and the cost to ship them was more than $7.00. Something as small as these should ship across the country for less than $2.00.

  4. Worked exactly as advertised 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Apr 2017

    I was pleased with the door handle billet stainless inserts. The only issue was that I did not take the door handle off to inspect before ordering these parts. The handle provisions for where the inserts fitted were pretty damaged. I used a fair amount of plastic weld to support the insert. Another consideration is that the cost of the inserts + plastic weld was not too much less than ordering a new handle. The first one lasted 8 years which is likely long enough for owning this vehicle. Thanks Gruven for a fine product.

    -- Response --

    OK thanks for the honest review. I agree with the costing, however please keep in mind - had you bought new OEM handles, they can literally be ripped off the side of the vehicle very easily. I guess for past 8 years you have parked in safe neighborhoods! If you look for these vehicles, you will notice a high number of them driving around with missing door handles for this exact reason. Your repaired handles are now much stronger. You would need to break the entire handle in half which requires considerably more force than just pulling handle off vehicle. GM should address this, its unacceptable on an expensive vehicle like these.


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