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2013-2018 Ram Power Folding Mirror Gears and Motors

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** Click HERE for the DIY ** is pleased to announce replacement strengthened BRASS spur gears premounted to stainless main shafts and high torque motors for the power folding mirrors on all 2013-2018 RAM 1500 and 2500 trucks including Big Horn, Express, Laramie, Lone Star, Outdoorsman, Rebel, ST, Sport Crew and Tradesmen with crew, standard or extended cabs!  Buy qty of 2 to fix both mirrors and SAVE!

Note you can also buy the complete metal cased drive units for both passenger and driver side if you do not wish to complete the labor required to install the upgraded high torque motor and metal gear.  We accomplish this for you on the complete drive unit option and please note there is a $30 core refund for sending back your drive unit in repairable condition (ie, center basket not broken, or unit otherwise damaged beyond repair).

As many have discovered, the power folding mirror assembly on these trucks suffers from a thin, weak, plastic spur gear mounted to the main drive shaft.  The plastic spur gear cracks at the slightest impact or just wears out over time causing an inoperable folding mirror.  The RAM mirror motors also get weak and die quickly. Unfortunately, RAM will only sell you a complete folding mirror assembly, which will cost you MORE THAN $800 ea after labor, depending on the year/make/model.  And that $ would be wasted on yet another mirror assembly with another weak, plastic factory spur gear and weak electric motor that will also soon fail.  Don't your waste time or hard earned money on more RAM mirrors that will also soon fail!  UPGRADE TO LIFETIME WARRANTY METAL GEARS AND HIGH TORQUE MOTORS ! has addressed this issue by designing a strengthened spur gear made from solid gear BRASS with a thicker cross section to eliminate the stress concentrations which cause fatigue cracking in the OEM plastic gear. We have also designed a replacement high torque electric motor to accompany this new metal gear. Our new electric motor is required when switching out to the metal gear, as the ground circuit in the OEM motor does not allow for a metal gear to be installed. You can buy the gear/motor combo for one or both sides with the spur gear pre-attached to a new machined steel main shaft.  We have thoroughly tested our redesigned spur gear and high torque motor using a new, OEM mirror assembly and computerized test equipment.  Our test samples barely showed any wear whatsoever, and the testing did include random wacks against the mirror, jamming the mirror operation as it was folding, and manually stressing the mechanism all in an attempt the break the gear.  Each sample was tested more than 5,000 open/close cycles and was still going strong at that point !  

This product carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY!  Provided you don't burn the vehicle, or otherwise smash the mirror into something, you can send back the motor drive unit to us and we'll replace the gear assembly and get it working again free of charge.  You would only be responsible for shipping under this warranty.

Gears and Motors are sold together.  Qty 1 will fix 1 mirror, buy 2 if you want to fix both sides.   Fits Both Passenger and Drivers Side Power Folding Mirrors.  You can also select the complete drive unit to same time and labor.

** Fits ** 

2013-2018 RAM 1500 and 2500 trucks including Big Horn, Express, Laramie, Lone Star, Outdoorsman, Rebel, ST, Sport Crew and Tradesmen with crew, standard or extended cabs!  Likely Others, too.

This includes (but not limited to) the following mirror assembly part numbers :

1UK681BUAF, 1UK681BUAE, 1UK681BUAD, 1UK681ARAF, 1UK681ARAE, 1UK681ARAD, 1UK681DMAF, 1UK681DMAE, 

1UK681DMAD, 1UK681LBAF, 1UK681LBAE, 1UK681LBAD, 1UK681R4AF, 1UK681R4AE, 1UK681R4AD, 1UK681RPAF, 

1UK681RPAE, 1UK681RPAD, 1UK681S2AF, 1UK681S2AE, 1UK681S2AD, 1UK681W7AF, 1UK681W7AE, 1UK681W7AD, 

1UK681X8AF, 1UK681X8AE, 1UK681X8AD

1UK691BUAF, 1UK691BUAE, 1UK691BUAD, 1UK691ARAF, 1UK691ARAE, 1UK691ARAD, 1UK691DMAF, 1UK691DMAE, 1UK691DMAD, 1UK691LBAF, 1UK691LBAE, 1UK691LBAD, 1UK691R4AF, 1UK691R4AE, 1UK691R4AD, 1UK691RPAF, 1UK691RPAE, 1UK691RPAD, 1UK691S2AF, 1UK691S2AE, 1UK691S2AD, 1UK691W7AF, 1UK691W7AE, 1UK691W7AD, 1UK691X8AF, 1UK691X8AE, 1UK691X8AD

This list of part numbers will continually grow as we build the interchange list.  This is in no way complete, as most RAM trucks made from 2013-2018 with power folding mirrors will use this gear and motor.  

Product Reviews

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  1. Can't Believe How Well It Worked! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th May 2022

    I saw the Gruven replacement gear and motor for the Ram 1500's on one of the forums. Mine had obviously gone out and I was not willing to pay the exorbitant amount of money for a shop to do the work. I ordered the parts, they came in two days later, and when I was ready to begin, I realized I really needed a step-by-step guide so I didn't cause more damage. I emailed your Guven help center and Paul was quick to send me the link to your step-by-step guide. Paul was awesome and helpful. I dove into the project, and to my disbelief, when I got to the step that said I should see the broken gear, I looked and there it was, the broken gear!!! You guys know your business, and I can't say enough great things. I put it back together, and again to my disbelief, it works perfectly now. Many thanks for what you do.

  2. gears motor for fold mirror 2013 Ram 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2022

    The gears and motor were easy to install and worked perfectly. Significantly less expensive then purchasing a new f motorized folding mirror

  3. It workes 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Feb 2022

    Runs little bit loud. Sounds like a grinding noise but it works. Installation is bit tricky when it comes to proper alignment but after all it worked.
    Im satisfied.

  4. Gear and Motor replacement 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Feb 2022

    I ordered the metal gear and Motor replacement set for both mirrors on my 2014 Ram 1500 4x4. The original gears were plastic and both had cracked causing my electric close mirrors to not work. The installed perfectly and are working great. The motor's seem to be heavy duty as the mirrors close and open much faster than the oem motors, it's a plus in my book.

  5. well built. quality product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Feb 2022

    Motor and gear set worked as promised. Saved me $$$$$$ from buying new mirror.

  6. Excellent Replacement for OEM 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Nov 2021

    I had the passenger-side folding mirror stop folding, intermittently on my '17 Laramie.
    Searched for a solution, found Gruven Parts.
    Fast delivery, excellent quality parts.

    Installation was relatively straightforward, IF you follow the instructions in the provided PDF. I bought two sets, one for each side. The driver's side hasn't failed yet, but it will, I'm sure, given the inferior (cheap) OEM parts.

    That installation will also go a bit faster, too, as I have already disassembled the passenger side mirror, and now understand how it works and goes together.

    Again, great quality parts, very quick response to my emailed inquiry.

    I would suggest, though, that if you're not mechanically-inclined, to just ship your units to Gruven Parts for their rebuild service. It would be a bit less frustrating in the long run.

    Nothing I have said here is a knock on the Gruven Parts product. The OEM RAM mirror assemblies are not superior quality.

    I mean, a new mirror from RAM costs about $800.00, and still would contain the inferior plastic gears. I spent a tad over $100.00 for two repair kits, so RAM could add these parts for a trivial increase to their production costs for each vehicle, and the problem would instantly cease to exist.

  7. Absolutely the best! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th May 2021

    Perfect replacement motor but wish they had a video for the Ram trucks. After cracking my mirror glass, I figured out how to do it and I'll make a YouTube video when I do the passenger side next. The motor is a little louder than OEM but much faster and much less expensive than buying a factory mirror assembly from the dealer which still has the crappy plastic gears!

  8. Ram mirror motor and gears 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Mar 2021

    The instructions and assembly were great. Had to reform the motor housing to get mirror frame to slide down over it by using channel locks. Otherwise would have been 5 stars. Works great, twice as fast as drivers side mirror now.
    Highly recommend.

  9. Gear/Motor Combo: High Quality Parts, Tedious Replacement 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Mar 2021

    First, these are high quality parts, worked seamlessly, and smoothly. I highly recommend these as a quality and very reasonably priced repair for broken or faulty folding mirrors. I chose to replace the motor and gear myself rather than just purchase the whole drive unit as I could replace both mirrors for less than half the price of a single drive unit. However, the replacement on the Ram is fairly tedious and I recommend thoroughly reviewing the instructions before purchasing to be sure your are willing to replace the components. In hindsight, I would do the same thing, but those who are not diligent, not observant of details, and not patient should consider the complete drive unit.

  10. Driver Side Mirror Folds Again! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2020

    I like having the folding mirrors and use them regularly. The driver side quit folding during a return from a road trip. Performed the usual search for replacement parts and found these.
    You guys nailed it that the fault is likely a cracked plastic gear. I went with the 2 mirror kit just knowing that it is just a matter of time for the other side to fail. After repairing the left side, it folded so much faster than the right. I went ahead and proactively replaced the gear and motor on the right. Now they both fold with authority.
    I also appreciate that you guys employ A&P mechanics. I'm a career A&P myself with nearly 41 years in the industry.

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