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  • GruvenParts GM Rear Lift Gate Lock Actuator Brass Spur and Worm Gear Set
  • GruvenParts GM Rear Lift Gate Lock Actuator Brass Spur and Worm Gear Set Rear Lift Gate Lock Actuator Strengthened Gears - 2006+ GM Trucks

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Product Description

** Now in stock *** is pleased to announce these replacement strengthened BRASS helical spur gears and motor worm gears to replace the problematic plastic gears found in the rear lift gate lock actuators on 2006-Present GM trucks including Acadia, Traverse, Enclave, Escalade, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Denali and other GM trucks with a power rear lift gate. 

As many have discovered, the rear hatch power lift gate utilizes a lock mechanism which contains a large plastic spur gear and plastic motor worm gear that easily strip out, rendering the electric rear lift gate lock inoperable.  When this problem occurs, you need to dismantle the interior panel of the rear lift gate to access the power lift gate lock actuator, a very time consuming process. Of course the replacement GM lift gate lock actuator will also come with a cheap, plastic spur gear and motor worm gear which will also soon fail, and the whole process repeats leaving you with wasted time and $.

Don't waste time or hard earned money on more GM parts that will also soon fail! has addressed this issue by designing strengthened helical spur gears and motor worm gears made from solid gear BRASS suited to handle the stresses involved in operating the power lift gate lock mechanism.  Once the power lift gate lock actuator is removed from the vehicle, its a simple process to open the top case and remove / replace the discrepant plastic spur and worm gear with the high strength brass gears. 

These products are sold as a matched set and carry our signature LIFETIME WARRANTY!  Provided you don't burn the vehicle, or otherwise smash the lift gate lock actuator, we will cover these parts FOR LIFE.  You would only be responsible for shipping under this warranty.

DIY Article is coming soon (any takers want free parts in exchange for making a video?), but for now you can see the removal procedure in this youtube video.  Around 4:30 into the video you can see the problem!  

Once the lock actuator is removed from the tailgate, unscrew the upper case perimeter screws and gently remove the upper case.  The large spur gear will lift out with some gentle prying.  The motor gear must be cut using a careful Dremel tool slice down the length of the gear.  Once the old plastic motor gear is removed, please press the new brass motor worm gear onto the motor shaft using a vice or press.  The new motor worm gear should be positioned approximately in the center of the spur gear, which leaves about 1/4" of motor shaft extending past the worm gear. 

** Application ** 

This strengthened brass spur gear and worm gear replace the plastic gears found in the power lock lift gate mechanism P/N 13-58-14-05 (13581405), 13-50-18-72 (13501872), 13-50-34-67 (13503467), 15-16-38-42 (15163842), 15-83-90-37 (15839037), 13-50-26-98 (13502698), 15-77-98-74 (15779874), 13-58-14-05 (13581405), and 931-107.  These gears also fit many other part numbers, so this list will be continually growing.  If your part number isnt shown in this list, please email us with your part number and vehicle year/make/model and we'll research it!

Fits 2006-Present GM trucks with power rear lift gate including but not limited to : Cadillac Escalade, SRX, Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Terrain, Traverse  

Please verify your part number is one shown above, or contact us directly for fitment confirmation on your vehicle.


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  1. Quality parts 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Dec 2023

    Nice to see somebody makes high quality replacement parts to fix your vehicle

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