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about is located in Atlanta, GA and specializes in fabricating bulletproof hardware for your vehicle. We do not sell off the shelf parts. Instead, we focus on high quality custom parts that are intended for serious track abuse. In fact, the company was founded for one simple reason: We get pissed off when parts break.

Over the years of driving and racing, we've learned nothing is more upsetting than getting to a track event and having to retire early due to a poorly designed part failure.

Through alliances with several aerospace manufactures, has access to more equipment than we know what to do with. Half a million dollar coordinate measuring machines, millions of dollars in high tech CNC machinery, close to a million dollars in Catia CAD software, and some of the BEST machinists and TIG welders in the industry. Most are licensed A&P's (Airframe / Powerplant), specializing in work on commercial jet aircraft and for NASA. Simply put, no one can do it better!.

And we're not just in the business of making parts for our own cars. If you would like us to design a custom part for your vehicle, please feel free to get in touch with us. If you lead us to another part, you will be given free or deeply discounted parts. Just email or call - its how many of our parts have come about.

Finally, a word about customer service. We KNOW the customer comes first. In our years of service, we have not had ONE SINGLE customer walk away dissatisfied. But don’t take our word for it – ask around.

Please remember, every penny you spend with fuels the design of more indestructible parts for your vehicle. Choose your vendors wisely, because with your support, there will be many more indestructible parts coming soon! We're here to stay, let us provide your parts! LLC

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