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12V VR6 MAF Replacement Info

Please give credit Wlere credit is due! This DIY lo1BS completed ENTIRELY by the hardest oorking VW Vortex moderator on the site!! Gary Thompson, Ph.D.- vortex ID VGRT6. email address

make sure to say thanks to Gary, and if you ever see him at a bar, buy em a beer.  These DIY's are more

complete than anything Bentley has ever witten!!


I' ve been following the debate about whether the VR6 and 2.0 MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensors are the same and thus interchangeable for a while now. Before I begin, let me say that I realize that VW and Bosch part #s for the sensors are different and that the MAF housings are different sizes.This thread is about whether or not the actualsensors inside the housings are the samehad two threads about this going a vvhile back,but no one responded with the info I needed.  and http://forums,


Yocan check these out for some background info.



While reading through some of the ear1ier threads on the VR6/2.0 MAF debate, I came across a post by someone (SSheikh, I believe) that claimed that the actual sensors inside the housing had the same Bosch part numbers. Unfortunately, the part number was not given, so we had to take his word for it. Not that I didn't trust a fellow Vortexer, but I wanted to see for myself that the two numbers were the same. So here's  what I did.

removed the MAF sensor from the housing in my 1999.5 Jetta VR6 to get the part numbers. This yielded: On the ouside of the MAF housing tube:

VW #: 071 906 461B Bosch#:0 280 218 017


Onthe MAF sensor itself: Bosch#:OOC 2G2 032

Serial#:868 303 A


theremoved the MAF sensor from the housing in my friends 2000 Golf GL 2.0.This yielded: On the ouside of the MAF housing tube:

VW #: 06A 906 461A Bosch#:0 280 218 002


Onthe MAF sensor Itself: Bosch#:OOC 2G2 032

Serial#:971151 A


Note that the Bosch part #'s of the actualsensors for the VR6 and 2.0 are exactly the same! Therefore, it appears that identicalsensors are used and that differences in airflow due to differences in housing diameter must be accounted for by the ECU after the fact.


To double check the MAF sensor part# (and to replace the VR6 MAF sensor that just went on my car),Iordered a

2.0 MAF from a dealership.It jusshowed up, so the first thing I did was take it apart to look at the numbers.I found:


Othe ouside of the MAF housing tube: VW #: 06A 906 461A

Bosch#:0 280 218 002


Onthe MAF sensor itself: Bosch#:OOC 2G2 032

Serial#:292 18 2 5


It appears that VW is charging two drastically different prices for the same MAF sensor packaged in different diameter housings. Why they're doing it, I have no idea (maybe something to do with the 2.0 emission recall?).


So, if your VR6 MAF goes bad, don't spend the $200-$300 that VW wants for a  VR6 MAF. Buy a 2.0 MAF for less than $50, remove the sensor from the housing and put it in the VR6 housing. FYI, you will need a VALID VIN#from a car with a 2.0L engine to purchase a 2.0 MAF from a dealer.



EDIT: Since this original post, it has been discovered that the VIN needed to purchase the cheap 2.0 MAF needs to be from either a 1999 or 2000 2.0 vehicle with an AEG engine. These are the only 2.0 vehicles that use the cheap MAF. These vehicles can be identified by the 10th digit of the VIN- it should be either

an "X" (1999) or "Y"(2000).



EDIT: On 814103, I realized that the 24v VR6 MAF has the same housing VW part#- 071-906-461B-and the same sensor Bosch part#- F OOC 2G2 032- as the 12v VR6 MAF. This means that 24v owners can also purchase a cheap 2.0 MAF for use in their cars.


Golf/Jetta 2.0 1999-2003 (AEG/ALL) List$ 95.00

VW #: 06A 906 461A Bosch#: OOC 2G2 032


Golf/Jetta VR6 2000-2003 (ALL) List$ 346.00

VW#:071906461B Bosch#:OOC 2G2 032


Golf/Jetta 1.8t 2000-2001 (AWD) List$ 215.00

VW #: 06A 906 461D Bosch#: OOC 2G2 040


Golf/Jetta 1.8t 2002 (AWP) List$ 363.00

VW #: 06A 906 461L Bosch#: OOC 2G2 049


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