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​4 New and Improved Parts for Your GM Vehicle


4 New and Improved Parts for Your GM Vehicle

The past few months, our machine shop team has been hard at work designing new and improved parts for your GM! All our parts are made in our facility in Atlanta, Georgia by some of the best machinists and TIG welders in the industry using state-of-the-art Haas CNC mills and lathes. You won't find many shops working at our level, and you won't find higher quality anywhere! ⁠

Check out these 4 upgrades for your vehicle today:

Brake Pedal Adjuster Gear

We redesigned the gears for the brake pedal adjustment mechanism found in many 2007-2011 GM trucks. The OEM brake pedal adjuster unit in these vehicles uses a small, brittle plastic spur gear which is powered by an electric motor and serves to control the brake pedal position. The gear typically cracks apart rendering the brake pedal adjuster mechanism useless. That’s why we crafted a solution made from bulletproof solid brass! The installation process is simple and does not require dash removal.

Lumbar Support Parts for Schukra Units

We offer upgraded solid brass pinion gears as well as high strength polymer cable drive wheels for both the drivers and passenger front seat lumbar support mechanisms found on most GM vehicles from 2000-present with the Schukra 2016902 electric cable driven lumbar adjustment unit. Don't buy an expensive new OEM unit when you can fix and upgrade your existing Schukra 2016902 unit using high strength parts!

Air Door Actuator Gear

Were correcting another common issue with your Impala, Corvette, Gran Prix, Allure, Lacrosse, XLR, Monte Carlo, and other GM models. The air door actuator which controls the HVAC flaps within the dash due to a cheap plastic gear which drives the flap actuator. When this gear chips, you don't get proper HVAC ventilation. Up until now, you would need to buy another unit from GM and take the time to remove and replace it. We designed this replacement combo spur gear from solid gear brass to permanently fix the air door actuator once and for all!

Rear Lift Gate Lock Actuator Strengthened Gears for 2006+ GM Trucks

We carry a replacement strengthened brass helical spur gears and motor worm gears to replace the problematic plastic gears found in the rear lift gate lock actuators on 2006-Present GM trucks including Acadia, Traverse, Enclave, Escalade, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Denali and other GM trucks with a power rear lift gate. As many have learned the hard way, GM’s replacement comes with yet another cheap, plastic spur gear and motor worm gear which will also soon fail. Save your time and money and upgrade to our indestructible solid brass gears today!

Nothing will kill your summer fever faster than an underperforming car due to a cheap or poorly-designed part failure! When our team of expert engineers, machinists, and TIG welders hears about the issues you’re having with your GM parts, we set out to find a better way with quality product solutions.

Want to know the best part about all these products? They all come with our signature lifetime guarantee! Not only do we save you time and money with our indestructible, high-performing parts, but we empower you with everything you need to do the installations yourself.

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