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Check out the #swag section of the site for some newly released trucker caps, decals, poker chips and more !

These wont be your run of the mill cheaply made garbage that you end up using to wipe off the oil pan and driveway after a messy 4 beer oil change...this is the stuff you will actually want to keep and show off.  High thread counts, brilliant colors, quality stuff that will keep up with a backflip into the lake or that accidental front brake squeeze on the mx track.  

We're open to suggestions and will keep adding to this category, so let us know what Gruven stuff y'all want.  Hoodies, t-shirts, polos ... ?  Hit Contact Us to let us know !!

Are Your GM Door Lock Actuators Sending You Warning Signs?

                      Let’s play a quick scenario. You go out in the driveway and hit the unlock button on your fob. Or maybe you go to the keypad on your door and type in the code. Nothing. It’s an uncommon, unfortunate occurrence, but it doesn’t always happen this way. [...]

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10 Tips to Protect Your Car from Damage While Parking Outside

                    Apparently, nearly three-quarters of Americans park their cars outside routinely, if not every day. Evidently, as much as 20% of cars parked outside will at some point or other be struck by gravel or other road debris.Many others are subject to incidental damage, either scraped by [...]

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5 Things to Do Before You Take Your Vehicle to a Drive-through Car Wash

                   For many of us, washing the car or truck is something we enjoy doing. It’s a pleasant form of recreation the benefits of which we can personally identify with and take pride in.For others, keeping the vehicle shiny is more of a chore than an enjoyable [...]

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4 Car Cooling System Parts Upgrades to Make Yesterday

                  You know what gets a lot of attention? Blacked out wheels, engine displacement, torque, and tinted window treatments.You know what doesn’t get a lot of attention? Your car’s cooling system - specifically the car cooling system parts that are doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes.And no, [...]

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Why Do Door Lock Actuators Fail? [And What Can You Do About It?]

You hit the unlock button on your keyfob and nothing happens. You open the door with the key, manually, and try the power unlock buttons. Still no dice.You may have experienced door lock actuator failure. Back in the day, vehicle locks were intended to be locked and unlocked manually with keys. This is no longer [...]

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GM Power Folding Mirror Parts: Fix a Common Problem and Save Money

                     It’s an all-too-common plight. You go to adjust your GM power folding mirrors (especially those on some trucks or SUVs) and nothing moves. Or, perhaps, the mirror starts to move but then stops. Is it jammed? Is it broken? Has the motor itself burnt out?It [...]

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GruvenParts Sponsors STAR House

STAR House Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Roswell, Georgia. They provide after-school tutoring and mentoring for at-risk children throughout North Fulton County.Help us give a Gruven send off to a group of very special 5th graders at the STAR House Foundation who have worked so hard this past year as they head off to middle [...]

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A Big Thanks from GruvenParts !

GruvenParts gives thanks to those who serve and protect this GREAT COUNTRY !  We are blessed by your hard work, sacrifice, and dedication helping to keep us all safe.  If you are a Veteran or currently serving in the Armed Forces, Police, Fireman, or other 1st Responder, please hit Contact Us above before your order and [...]

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Covid-19 Update

Please note is open and operating fully at 100% !!Our machining facility also manufacturers critical medical equipment and as such our employees are allowed to continue working their shifts at a normal schedule. Your order will be processed and shipped in the same timely manner you have grown to expect over the 20+ years we [...]

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