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  • 2014+ GruvenParts.com Door Lock Motors for GM Vehicles
    2014+ GM Door Lock Actuator Motors
    ** THESE ARE NOW IN STOCK AND SHIPPING !!! ** This is the door lock actuator product page for the 2014+ newest GM vehicles.  Please reference the applicable models below. As many of you already know, the door lock...
  • Billet Corrado Hood Cable Clip
    Billet Corrado Hood Cable Clip
    The Corrado hood release cable clip (mounted to the hood pull bracket near the drivers left knee) is notorious for breaking at the worst possible time -- when you need to open the hood. Rather than using a cheap stamped...
  • Corrado Dash Vent Fix
    Corrado Dash Vent Fix
    GruvenParts.com is happy to release this dash vent fix kit for all 1989-1992 Corrado G60 and SLC.   These plastic replacement linkages replace the OEM brittle rubber molded linkages that position the slats on the vents...
  • GruvenParts Brass Power Seat Height Adjustment Gears
    GM Truck BRASS Seat Height Adjustment Gears
    ** THIS IS A PREBUY - PRODUCT SET WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON ** Email Paul@GruvenParts.com for status updates on the production run.  GruvenParts.com is PROUD to release this LIFETIME WARRANTIED SOLID BRASS...
  • New Beetle RSI Grab Handle
    New Beetle RSI Grab Handle
    Please call or email before ordering, this part is not stocked! VW may have only made a handful of these gems, but we're bringing back the RSI lovin'. A must for any New Beetle owner seeking that truley custom...

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