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GruvenParts Adds Hose Repair Capabilities !


GruvenParts.com has teamed up with a local supplier of hydraulic hoses, including A/C, power steering, transmission, oil cooler hoses.  

We can now repair or build new hoses for your application.

Did you pop an expensive A/C line ?  Have a hard to find power steering or oil cooler line that has sprung a leak ?

Send it to us and we can likely repair it !  

Email Paul@GruvenParts.com with pictures and OEM P/N of the hose in question, along with brief description of what you're after.  We can normally repair hoses in 1 or 2 days !

GruvenParts.com Teams Up With Gary Peloquin !

We've all used his legendary limited slip differentials for years.  GruvenParts.com is proud to team up with Gary Peloquin to become the newest distributor of these great front and rear limited slip diffs for a wide range of vehicles.  If you dont already have 1 installed, trust us, YOU NEED 1!  These limited slip diffs [...]

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Award Winning Corrado Uses GruvenParts Billet Strut Caps!

John from Fall River, MA submitted these pictures of his award winning 92 Corrado SLC engine bay.  John specializes in all sorts of metal finishing and really did a nice job on our billet strut caps with VW logo. We've never seen an engine bay quite like this 1, good job !  Send us your [...]

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GruvenParts Introduces Spherical Joint Boot Installation Pliers !

You will wonder why you did this any other way, just watch this video : Gruven Heim Joint Boot Pliers  and Order HereYour knuckles will thank you !!

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Gruven Corrado Gets a Respray

  This one got hit on the left fender in a parking lot full of all of 3 cars total.  Never a scratch from counteless times entering turn 10A at 100 mph with the brake pedal in the floor mats.  Its those YMCA parking lots that get ya.  At least now the Corrado signature hood dent [...]

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GruvenParts.com is Now Hiring !!

GruvenParts.com is Now Hiring ! We are looking for some part time help maintaining our web presence on the various forums.  To be considered, please email us your resume in Word or .pdf format to paul@gruvenparts.com.   Please be sure to provide some examples which highlight the following required attributes :  : Have a positive, self starter attitude [...]

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Special Thanks to Photographer Erik Nygren

GruvenParts.com extends a big thanks for the homepage photo of the teal Golf MK2 taken by Erik Nygren.  Please be sure to visit www.ErikNygren.com if you are interested in high resolution images. 

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Welcome to the New GruvenParts.com!

GruvenParts.com is happy to release a brand new website  - Same great service and owners you have known since 2001, just a new look !  As many of you told us, the old website was becoming difficult to navigate due to the ever increasing number of products being released.  We heard you loud and clear, so [...]

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Part Development

BILLET VR6 THERMOSTAT HOUSING !! Scanning of the VR6 thermo housing using Brown and Sharp Scirocco coordinate measuring machine ($500k!), accurate down to the the ten thousandth of an inch! The complex shape of the housing requires multiple alignments and hundreds of points. Even still, the CMM makes quick work of the faulty VW plastic design. [...]

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Road Atlanta March Driving School

Track Pics The following pics are from the Road Atlanta March 2005 driving school put on by the Peachtree Chapter of BMWCCA. If you live in the Atlanta area and own ANY type of track worthy car, you simply must do this school. Its sorta like sky diving, but more fun. If you are lucky enough [...]

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