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Gruven Corrado Gets a Respray



This one got hit on the left fender in a parking lot full of all of 3 cars total.  Never a scratch from counteless times entering turn 10A at 100 mph with the brake pedal in the floor mats.  Its those YMCA parking lots that get ya.  At least now the Corrado signature hood dent from where the front motor mount lets go will be fixed, and that pesky side molding removed.  Bryson even found some side skirts to throw on.  

This work is being done by Wagenwerks, LLC 404-839-3359.  Bryson and his crew are somehow finding the time to push all those Lamborghini's aside to work on an old VW.  Skylines and Gallardos are a dime a dozen anyways :)




In the booth !









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